Industry Placements

“As I see it, getting ahead in life, especially in this industry, has always been dependent on attitude. Attitude, and a bit of luck”

Guy Ritchie

Along with celebrated industry supporters such as Guy Ritchie and Tony Jordan, we are committed to creating a diverse and enthusiastic community of young people in the UK, passionate about the art of filmmaking, offering them the opportunity to change their lives through the medium of film.

From screen writing to set design, continuity to direction, we will open the ‘closed doors’ notorious in this industry and create exciting opportunities for talented youngsters to learn first hand from industry experts.

In our first twelve months we aim to use our extensive network of existing and new supporters to place a minimum of fifty, carefully chosen young people with no previous experience, in entry-level, freelance positions within the film industry. All candidates will go through an interview process and only those young people who can demonstrate the right attitude, depth of commitment and a keen passion to be involved in this very diverse industry will be selected.

Before taking up their positions, all successful candidates will attend a series of workshops at the Films4Life offices in SE1 to ensure they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, both in their intended role and as a representative of the Films4Life community.

Throughout their placement, these young people will be encouraged and supported by a dedicated Films4Life mentor who will also be available to answer any concerns or questions the employer might have.

“Every movie made is different; an exciting adventure. One of the great things about being a director as a life choice is that it can never be mastered. Every story is its own kind of expedition.”
Ron Howard

On successful completion of a placement, they will be invited in to Films4Life to discuss their performance, hear employer feedback, and discuss possible next steps. Each will receive a Films4Life CV, formatted with any previous experience included, along with a testimonial from the employer and advice on where to look for the next opportunity. The Films4Life community will continue to encourage, support and advise them on their search wherever possible.

Details of the most promising will be held on our records and will be recommended in those openings where experience is essential. Suitable candidates will also receive our personal recommendation and be given the opportunity to register with a partner agency at no cost to them.


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