Films4Life – The Film

“I love huge movies. I’m not sure I’m the guy to make them, but you can rely on me being there watching them”
Danny Boyle

“Diversity in film will only mean something when our lost demographics are able to see films that purport to express their experiences.”
Michael Gubbins / Lord Puttnam

There are comparatively few films coming out of the UK that reflect our amazing social and cultural diversity. Films4Life aims to redress the balance and give these young people a voice. Our aim is to provide them with the knowledge and the tools to tell their own stories, in their own words, and to give them a platform so these stories can be heard.

By offering targeted workshop training, film making opportunities and access to celebrated industry mentors, we hope to make the diverse art of film more accessible and to encourage our young community members to achieve their highest potential.

The most talented in each field will be chosen to take part in a 12 month program, getting ‘hands on’ experience in their chosen discipline, guided and mentored by industry experts, in the process gaining invaluable experience and perfecting their art.

Our aim, with the support and involvement of an established British production company, is to use this incredible talent to make a feature film from the winning entry of the script writing competition.

This film will be created and crewed entirely within the Films4Life community, supported and advised throughout by mentors who are key figures from the British film industry.

All money made from this project, profit or sponsorship, will be ploughed back into the Films4Life community. In this way the cycle continues and allows the Script Writing competition to become an annual event, each year forming the basis for a new film, giving British Film a fresh voice and talented young people the experience they need to grow their careers in the industry.

A new British film initiative to encourage young British talent, supported by the British film industry – Films4Life

The Big 3 Showdown

  Recently we were contacted by one of our supporters Steven Clark Hall, offering Films4life a life changing opportunity for 1 of our young filmmakers....

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Talent Circle -Script Writing Competition Winner.

The winner of the Talent Circle script writing competition has been announced! Films4life awaits the go ahead from them to start the  production of...

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Tony Jordan Donation, Press Release

A few months ago we were lucky enough to receive an equipment donation from Tony Jordan of Red Planet. Last week we finally got a...

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A winning charity: Films4Life triumphs at award ceremony for short film

Mickey De Hara and Charlie Dolby composed a short film for the Lewisham Probation Trust for the viewing of service users at Lewisham. To...

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Setting The Scene – The Brand New Heavies

The Brief … A music video for The Brand New Heavies new album “Forward”. The Scene … South London The Cast … Brand New Heavies / Audience The Crew …...

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Films 4 Life- In Conversation With David Mackenzie

Films 4 Life are at the Odeon West End in Leicester Square this Thursday (9/10/13) to meet David Mackenzie, the director of Starred Up...

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On Set With Guy Ritchie & Steven Clark Hall

Last Thursday, we were all delighted to be kindly invited to wander around the set of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. A film produced and directed...

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David Coward Talk 04/09/13

As Films4Life, we want to help and inspire anyone and everyone interested in the media buisness, on Wednesday 4th September we are...

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