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At Films4Life we firmly believe that a great school education is invaluable to all and that hard work, the right attitude and sound advice given at an early stage can lead to success in whatever you choose to do.

What we also firmly believe is that a given set of economic circumstances or a wrong path taken in life, for whatever reason, should not completely define your future.

To paraphrase one of our key supporters, Tony Jordan, “as a country I don’t think we serve our young people well, the future is in their hands yet we leave them on the periphery of society, without work and often without hope. As a society we should hang our heads in shame…”

The Films4Life ethos is simple. To inspire, motivate, educate, encourage and nurture an exciting new generation of young, talented British filmmakers and to provide each of our community members with the tools, knowledge, advice and self-belief to achieve their highest potential.

Our community ‘magazine style’ website will host numerous e-learning sessions, each created by industry experts. By showing a varied selection of these, we hope to remove some of the mystery and prove the diversity of skill sets required to make a film. Not everyone needs to be a performer or a creative.

“We think too much and feel too little”
Charlie Chaplin

There will be ‘how-to’ documentaries tied to Films4Life short films, with the focus on very low budgets to encourage young people to try for themselves. The site will also have recommendations on the latest hardware and software packages available, and details of lectures or Q&As arranged with specialist Films4Life mentors and supporters.

We will be hosting a series of specialised workshops at our offices in SE1 for invited Films4Life community members. Through these workshops we hope to find creatives, visionaries, performers, organisers, technical experts and skilled craftsmen; all motivated and talented young people who can be guided through the stages of development required to achieve a sustainable career in the film industry.

“I never learned anything at all in school and didn’t read a book for pleasure until I was 19 years old”
Stanley Kubrick

Push Studios, who have worked with Mickey Dehara on the creation of Films4Life, are proud owners of a 1964 Routemaster bus. This will be fully branded and taken on a tour of schools and colleges around the UK with a program of film related events.

We believe all of this, combined with our program of industry placements and continued support will empower our community members, help them take responsibility for their own future, and make a difference to these young peoples lives.

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